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Adding a Player Infobox

This is done via a form. When you go to make a new player page, click the "Player" preload at the top of the page and use that form to fill in information.

Updating the infobox to include previous roles

As of December 6th, 2015, the Infobox Player template supports a history of players' roles within the team history. To add roles, first tick the box "Previous Roles?" next to "Main role in competitive play." You will then see two additions to the form:

  • "Previous Roles (in order left=newest):"
  • A Role column in the team history

To fill out the previous roles, just follow the instructions - select all previously-played roles from the dropdowns, in order from left = most-recently played to right = longest since they played that role

To fill in the role column, you will have to determine when the player changed role. You may need to create additional rows if for example the player switched from jungle to top lane partway through their time with the same team (for an example, look at DanDy's Vici Gaming rows). There are three resources that can be useful for this determination:

  • The player's Match History page
  • The team's timeline
  • Reddit threads - do a google search for something like "Dandy switching to toplane" will often give you good results! To narrow it down you can try adding "" as most major player positional changes will have reddit threads about them.

If you can't at all figure out when the player switched, it's ok to use ??? instead of the first 3 letters of a month, or even ??? ???? instead of Mmm YYYY. Please err on the side of caution; it's better to have incomplete information than wrong information. You can also write on the player's talk page (click "Discussion" in the upper left-hand corner and leave a comment).