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  • Used to create rows and columns that scale with the size of the browser window.

Advantages over {{Box}}

  • Won't force content down if there's another object to the right of the box (e.g. a {{TOCRight}})
  • Behaves normally when dividing between elements of differing sizes (the next row goes all the way down instead of stacking awkwardly)
  • Layout of the elements doesn't change when dynamic elements are expanded or collapsed (due to point number 2)











Normally we use this template without any padding. But sometimes we do add padding.

  • Matches sections - padding=1em
  • Results sections - padding=1em
  • Picks and Bans pages - no padding
  • Scoreboards pages - no padding
  • Match Details pages - no padding

Additionally, you don't need to add padding to the last break, even if you are adding padding, since padding is added to the right of the cell, and there's no reason to put padding before the end since nothing comes after.

Adapted from Liquipedia