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  Round 1 Round 2 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
  R1D1 0
  R1D2 0
  R2W1 0
  R2W2 0
  R1D3 0
  R1D4 0
  R3W1 0
  R3W2 0
Loser's bracket
  R2D1 0
  R1D5 0
  R2W3 0
  R1D6 0


  • The 4 intial seeds drop into the first round of the bracket (R1D1-4)
  • Two matches are played. The winners advance to Round 2 (R2W1 and R2W2) while the losers drop down to the first round of the LB (R1D5 and R1D6).
  • The winners play and the winner of that match advances to the Grand Finals (R3W1) while the loser drops down to the LB (R2D1) to face the winner of the first LB match (R2W3).
  • The winner of the LB finals also advances to the Grand Finals (R3W2).
  • If the Grand Finals has 2 series played, a 2nd series score cell is available under R3W1score2 and R3W2score2. (Should be left blank if no 2nd series is played)
  • The flag variable takes the same input as the flag template, a two character country code.
  • Bolding winners, winners' scores and adding flags is optional. Please do not add flags when all players are from the same country.


Most tournaments will use the bracket without flags and will use the TeamShort template to create team logos in the bracket. For other tournaments and for qualifiers, use the bracket with flags.

Adapted from Liquipedia